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Board of Directors

If you are interested in volunteering to be a Board member with our agency, please send your resume to Deb Landon.
Name Position on the Board
Eric Stockmann Past-President
Melanie Rodrigues President
Kim DeKlein Vice-President
Jennifer Schafrick Secretary
Mathew Williams Treasurer
Paul Coons Director 
Curtis Tighe Director
Sara Fehrman Director
Charlene Brown Director
Jason Routley Director

Board of Directors

Melanie Rodrigues, President

(Melanie's Info Coming Soon)

Eric 2014

Eric Stockmann, Past President

I became involved with Big Brothers Big Sisters 6 years ago. It started with a casual conversation with Deb. I mentioned I might be interested in joining the Board of Directors. A few months later she literally stopped me in the street to see if I was still interested! Glad she did. This is a truly amazing group of people who are dedicated to making a difference in children's lives. Having served as both vice president and president over the past 4 years has allowed me to work with a very forward thinking and progressive board and staff. To say it has been rewarding is an understatement. I have definitely gotten more out of my involvement then I have given. 

charlene w frameCharlene Brown, Director

I grew up in Port Burwell, and moved to Tillsonburg about 15 years ago. My husband Dan and I have 5 children Brendan, Nelle, Susie, Noah and Quintin. I first met Deb 12 years ago when I became a volunteer with the agency. I have been a big sister, big bunch leader, friend of the agency and now a board member for the last 4 years. Working with this agency has been very rewarding and I plan to continue working with them for a long time to come.

Jason w frameJason Routley, Director

I am currently a stay at home parent. Also a member of the Canadian Armed Forces, Royal Canadian Artillery Reserves, 56 Field Regiment, 69th Battery, Simcoe, Ontario, Bombardier. I have been involved with BBBS Ingersoll & Tillsonburg for roughly 8 wonderful years and truly enjoys the sense of community and giving nature of all staff and volunteers involved. I just want to help contribute and support an amazing local organization which always gives back to children who can benefit from the programs offered. 

Jennifer w frame 2Jennifer Schafrick, Director

I'm a board member and have been since March 2015. I try to participate in as many events as possible such as: Bowling & the Auction. When needed I also supervise the library matches. I am very proud to be a part of such a wonderful organization! 

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