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Canadian Tire Jumpstart Application


For HOCKEY ONLY you MUST submit an online application.  Follow the Big Play logo below or click here

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For ALL OTHER program applications  click here for paper version or click the logo below for online registration

Program Guidelines

Local Chapter Partners are responsible for identifying children in financial need who want to participate in organized sport and recreational activities that require the child to be physically active. Each Community Partner may use its own ‘means tests’ or endorsement process to assess financial need. A ‘means test’ assesses a family’s financial need. Statistics Canada’s “Low Income Cut Off” (LICO) scale is one example of a means test.

Criteria for Funding

Listed below are the criteria for funding:

  • Children between 4 to 18 years of age;
  • Funding can be used to cover registration fees, equipment costs and/or transportation costs;
  • Each child is eligible to receive funding of up to $600 per year for multiple sports and noncompetitive recreational activities. Only one sport or activity is covered per submission up to a maximum of $300. Also, the maximum amount of funding may differ from chapter to chapter due to the varying size of chapter budgets;
  • Funding is available for all children within a low-income family;
  • All monies directed to a Community Partner to support a child go to the direct benefit of the child, and should not be reported as a sponsorship or donation to a Community Partner;
  • Reimbursements for registration, equipment or transportation costs already paid by, or on behalf of, the family shall not be granted;
  • Jumpstart typically supports participation in organized sports at the recreational level. Exceptions are up to the discretion of the Regional Manager;
  • Sport or recreational activity must include physical activity;
  • Funding goes to support an individual’s participation in an activity (not to support teams or groups, or to create an inventory of equipment);
  • Funding should be for a sustained program that is either a minimum of five weeks duration with a minimum of one session per week or, in the case of sport camps, five consecutive days;
  • Advance written authorization from Jumpstart must be received in order for a child of a Community Partner’s staff to be eligible for support;
  • Families and/or guardians need to be informed that the funds have been made available by Jumpstart;
  • Jumpstart should be refunded for any funding that is not used.

Funding Principles and Preferences

The following principles and preferences build off the criteria to maximize the number of children who can be supported through the Program each year:

  • Support only those children who would not have been able to participate in a physical activity without assistance.
  • Every effort should be made to provide funding to children of each gender and ethnicity, as well as all interests and abilities.
  • Support participation in activities that are longer term in duration.
  • Funding preference is to pay for registration fees, with consideration to fund equipment or transportation costs on a case by case basis.
  • Preference should be given for funding lower cost activities.
  • Strike a balance between funding the same children and new children from year to year.
We are a chapter in BOTH Tillsonburg & Ingersoll

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