Children and youth inspire us.

We support young people to make our community stronger!

Sponsor Profiles

  Our supporters are recognized each year at our Annual Recognition Evening.
We want all of YOU to know just how much we value your dedication to the families, children and youth in your communities.

Impact Maker $20,000+
Growth Motivator $15,000+
Inspirational Leader $10,000+
Memory Builder $5,000+
Community Mentor $2,500+
Friendship Starter $500+


The Business of Creating Meaningful Relationships
Having served the families in our community for over 40 years, we have earned our position as one of the most well-known and respected brands in the charitable sector. Supporting over 250 children annually in our local communities, we have become an integral part of the Oxford County social fabric.

Our ability to innovate and collaborate and our history of demonstrated success makes us an ideal charitable partner for companies interested in pursuing, comprehensive cause-related marketing campaigns as well as those simply exploring a budding interest in community investment or sponsorship.

For those who are new to corporate social responsibility programs, we can help you achieve tangible business benefits:

    - increased brand perception by associating with our brand
    - increased awareness by leveraging our reach
    - influencing consumer choice and increased sales/profits
    - increased productivity and employee satisfaction through your engagement

Take a look at our current circle of friends and partners below for more ideas.

Heather Brekelmans (
Ingersoll Phone - (519) 485-1801 

Tillsonburg Phone - (519) 842-9000

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