Simply Cooking with Jed

jed lau

Jed Lau - “Cooking is in his DNA”

Jed Lau’s two passions of cooking and teaching have fused together in a community produced cooking show on Rogers TV, “Simply Cooking with Jed’. Lau, who came to Canada at age 17 from Malaysia to study computer engineering, said he has cooked all his life. He inherited his talents from his mother and grandfather.

Unable to find traditional spices in Canada, Lau started experimenting with western spices and learned “to improvise to get the flavours he was familiar with.” “Of course it came out a little different; it’s what I found was called fusion,” he said. “That’s when you use Western ingredients to come up with Eastern flavours.”

After several years living in Calgary, where he taught computer engineering at a technical college, Lau moved to Woodstock in 2004 with his wife and family to open a popular restaurant. Know as The Mosaic Restaurant, it became very well known as local favourite for it’s Indo-Thai inspired cuisine.

Jed’s popular catering service for corporate and private clients is very much in demand, as is his Rogers Television cooking series. His favourite line is “you have to do what you like. Money isn’t everything. You have to follow your passion.”

Battle of the Hors D'Oeuvres - Awards 

2014 - People's Choice Award