Children and youth inspire us.

We support young people to make our community stronger!

National Volunteer Week

Thank You Poster 2016

As part of National Volunteer Week (April 10-16), the Board and Staff at Big Brothers Big Sisters would like to Thank YOU for your dedication and commitment as a volunteer with our organization.


At Big Brothers Big Sisters we recognize that when children thrive, our community is stronger. We are here to support, listen, mentor, spend time, go places and do things with them and best of all to have fun.  We are inspired by watching children grow. We are inspired by teaching them new skills and empowering them to make good decisions.  Their stories and successes inspire us.  Children and youth who are involved in Big Brothers Big Sisters grow into healthy, engaged citizens. They are often inspired to give back as adults, continuing to build our communities.

We put children first, but the truth is we get back more than we give.  Not every organization can say that!  There are no words to adequately describe the tremendous satisfaction of “walking” with children and youth and guiding them on their journey.

We would like to share a portion of a testimonial from last year’s Recognition Evening, given by one of our own volunteers, Nancy Matthews, which truly reflects the impact of mentoring.  Thank you for sharing Nancy.

“I am not sure how to describe the impact mentoring has had on my life or that of my family.  It is almost too big to put into words.  Mentoring is giving of one self – not simply in time but also on a deeper personal and emotional level.  Connections are made and friendships are formed.  It is life changing, as people who were once unknown and strangers become connected and dependent upon one another. We are all blessed with the same amount of time.  The real choice in life is to figure out how to spend it.  If time were a monetary commodity, the best bang for our emotional buck would be to invest and share our time with others.  That is what mentoring is all about. Investing in our youth.  Sharing with them and watching them grow emotionally and personally.  A true investor would ask, "What’s the return?"  The answer to this is simple, the return is our future. The youth involved in Big Brothers and Sisters are truly our future and the future of our communities.  They will carry on and lead the way when we are no longer able to.  They will make decisions and choices that will impact generations to come.  If that is not a great return or something to invest in, I do not know what is.”  Nancy Matthews (current Literacy Mentor & former In-School Mentor & Big Sister in a Couples Match; a member for over 10 years)

Thank YOU for helping children and youth reach their full potential!

Be sure to share so that others, like you, can help a child who has been waiting several years for that special friend!


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